Sydney (21-28 Feb 2015)

A few months back, I chanced upon a picture of fresh oysters from Sydney Fish Market and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I literally spent a few days talking to people about oysters and so, Ryan and I decided to go for a 8-day summer holiday at Sydney during the CNY period!

Visa Application

Applying for Visa can be done online at a cost of AUD20.


In order to save money, we wanted to fly via Budget Airlines initially. However Airlines like Scoot were actually much more expensive than British Airway. Perhaps it was during the CNY period and hence the jacking up of prices. We paid SGD740 per pax. BA’s service is not fantastic but the on-board entertainment and movie choices are definitely more up to date than Qatar’s.

011a5f88b76733a50e8f3109df552f36b978b5a472The meal was pretty decent!

011a4749ab516031e04f6a7c5dfbe3494fbd8681bcMuji pillows/ neck rest which are super comfortable – worth every cent paid

Getting Around

Traveling around Sydney could be an expensive affair. It is highly recommended to get a weekly pass for unlimited rides on trains, buses, trams and even ferries (depending on which tier you get). As we signed up a day tour to Blue Mountains that includes transport via private coach, we settled for the first tier which is MyMulti1 (excludes ferries). Do note that weekly passes are not applicable in taking train to and fro the airport. There is a need to purchase an airport link pass separately which cost around AUD17 one way.

DSC_0169Fascinated by the double-storey train

For more details and maps, go to this website.


According to Sydney Expert which listed the pros and cons of each district, we decided to stay in Surry Hill and I would strongly recommend everyone to stay there. We booked a small apartment (more like a room) for less than SGD770 for 8 nights which was quite a steal! This was the first and definitely not the last time we get an airbnb apartment.


There are better looking (and more expensive) apartments that we were interested in. Unfortunately most of the apartments do not provide air conditioning and we were heading there during summer. Hence we settled for this place located at Crown Street.

For those traveling with kids, I would suggest staying at CBD area that has many international hotels and closer to attractions. It is also less rowdy at nights.

I can’t wait to write more about the rest of the trip because I enjoyed every moment in Sydney! 🙂


One thought on “Sydney (21-28 Feb 2015)

  1. Hi, so glad you liked Surry Hills. I think it really is a great option for anyone who prefers not to stay in a hotel! You are right it’s not a good choice for famlies but for everyone else, especially those who love food it’s fantastic.

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